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Nano Soma XI Lumerian Awakening
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What is Nano Soma? Meet the magic particle with Dr Raghavan...

In this 2 Hour long interview between Dr Raghavan and Kerry Cassidy.  They discuss what Nano Soma is, how it interacts with the body and how anyone can benefit from using it

Play Video about Live Q & A with the Doctors themselves! The creators of Nano Soma share all the fascinating facts in this live interview with us at Nano Soma XI Hosted by Connecting Consciousness Africa.

Live Q & A with the Doctors themselves! 9th September 2021

The creators of Nano Soma share all the fascinating facts in this live interview with us at Nano Soma XI. Hosted by Connecting Consciousness Africa.

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Introduction to Nano Soma by Dr Richard Presser and how it triggers the body to Heal itself

This video takes you a bit deeper into the nature of metadichol and shows you how Nano Soma goes to work, fixing your immune system and getting your body back to a healthy state.


Resets, Rebalances & Renews?

The policosinol in Nano Soma has been formulated into a nano sized molecule. This is the key to allow this natural and life creating lipid envelope to be small enough to enter the nucleus, and also small enough to further access and meet the chromosomes and DNA .. this is how it is able to directly and centrally repair and reprogram the body towards harmonic health. Click the button below for a post that explain this deeper.

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My arthritis trouble disappeared after taking Nano Soma, and I was able to climb up and down the stairs and the great one is I climbed all the way in Oregon Caves.
Cold sores are tingly, painful and embarrassing. The minute I get a tingle on my lips, I spray Nano. I haven't had more than one cold sore for an entire year
I'm on day 11 of the protocol. I've told you in the past the terrible pain and illness I'd get from dysmenorrhea and PMS. I'd be unable to get out of bed and nothing could make the pain alleviate. I'd also feel incredibly low – something must have been off with my hormones. Anyway, today, I had the first day of my period and didn't have a single symptom. That's a paradigm shift for me. I used to spend the whole week prior to the event dreading it!! I didn't have to stop my work or studies, and I feel great... That has been my most miraculous result from it so far. I am so grateful... Thank you,
April 2021