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Discovered by research scientist Dr. P. R. Raghavan, the patented formula in Nano Soma (Metadichol) represents an innovative modern breakthrough that addresses immune dysfunction at the cellular level.

Formulated using nanotechnology as both a dietary supplement and as a topical solution, this incredible discovery (which comes from a powerful plant wax extracted from sugarcane) has been found to support many of the physiological functions essential for optimal skin and immune health.

After spending decades in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Raghavan witnessed the troubling increase in the number of drugs reaching the market while things like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol continued rising despite this.

Applying his extensive research in drug metabolism and biochemistry, including 25 years in drug discovery with Columbia University, Max Planck Institute, Ciba-Geigy, and Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr. Raghavan sought a smarter, safer, non-drug alternative.

In 2008, his research led to the discovery of the patented formula in Nano Soma known as Metadichol, a plant-based emulsion of nano policosanol that the body can recognize and utilize efficiently.


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NANO SOMA Resets, Rebalances & Restores The Immune system

When you get sick, it's because of an imbalance in some part of your body. If one part of the body is out of balance, it can inlfuence the entire system