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Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


An ancient biological lipid molecule called Policosanol; derived and extracted from un-refined foods such as the wax on the outer coating of sugar cane and rice. It is then transformed through a highly specialized and advanced nano process,  then dissolved in pristine glacier water and formualted into a profoundly effective liquid nano emulsion.



Nano Soma is 100% safe. It is 100% natural. Its 100% sustainable. Nano Soma is safe to use for all ages and all health conditions and has no known side effects. You cannot overdose. (acute intelligence of self regulation according to what the body needs)

Nano Soma triggers the body to heal itself.  Being extremely small, nano sized, (even in nano terms). This lipid envelope is now able to meet with the cell nuclear receptors  (48 genomes .. unheard of) and modulate all immune responses. It activates the vitamin D3 cell receptors; enables the body to produce its own vitamin C and optimizes the bodies response to healing by rebalancing metabolic responses.

Nano Soma does not need or require fda approval; as it is a natural food and not a drug. It is classified as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe).

Nano Soma is completely safe and beneficial for anyone to use.  It is a ‘blueprint’ of ancient biological nutritional support and everyone benefits from an improved immune system (while having a living body:)


Nano Soma can be taken any time of the day, with or without food or water – it’s totally safe and effective. Nano particles are instantly absorbed and recognised by the body.

It is recommended to drink Pure, Clean, Energised water (for the rest of your life:).


Nano Soma is completely safe for anyone to take.  No known interactions with any allergens have been recorded to date. 

Nano Soma is a nutritional supplement and is safe yes..  To date, no adverse reactions have been recorded between Nano Soma and any other prescription medication. Due to the healing incurred when using Nano Soma , adjustments / reductions of the prescription medication should be monitored and made as needed. Nano Soma will also support the body to release the toxic build up especially from long term medication use.

Yes – Nano Soma is safe and effective for children, infants and pets .. Yes !

Nano Soma is completely safe and beneficial for pregnant mothers and the developing child in utero.

For optimal health and to maintain general health, 1ml (5 x sprays) is recommended per day.  If you’re just starting out, take 2ml (5 x sprays in the morning & 5 x sprays in the evening) for the first month; for health conditions see usage protocol page on this web site specific conditions may require a different dose and or topical application.  Please consult with us via in order to find the right dose for you.

By what you feel and see and sense. The best way to find out if Nano Soma really works is by going for a blood test before using it.  Have them check your metabolic biomarkers before use and then periodically during and after use, in order to compare readings.

Results are dependent upon your existing conditions. Many results are immediate. If you have a severe condition, it may take 6 – 12 months to see results.  If you have mild conditions, you can see results in weeks to a month.  If you have minor problems, you can see results in 5 days or less.