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Dr Raghavan and Kerry Cassidy discuss Nano Soma, what it is and how it works.

What is Nano Soma? Meet the magic particle with Dr Raghavan...

In this 2 Hour long interview between Dr Raghavan and Kerry Cassidy.  They discuss what Nano Soma is, how it interacts with the body and how anyone can benefit from using it

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Introduction to Nano Soma by Dr Richard Presser and how it triggers the body to Heal itself

This video takes you a bit deeper into the nature of metadichol and shows you how Nano Soma goes to work, fixing your immune system and getting your body back to a healthy state.

How is Nano Soma Made?

There's a simple process for making Nano Soma, we'll take you through each step

100% Sustainable

Liquid Extraction

Policosanol Isolation

Dilution & Blending

Enhanced Immunity

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Resets, Rebalances & Renews?

Nano Soma resets, rebalances and renews your immune system to optimal health.

The blog post will inform you how it works and how best to take Nano Soma for maximum impact.

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I started using NANO SOMA on July 23, 2015, and for the first 6 days I took only 3 Zyrtec tabs! And since then to date (August 28, 2016), I have not taken any Zyrtec or Nasacort.
The Author of Pandemic Survivor, has been using Nano Soma for 7 years and has written over 30 articles, based on his experience. You can read his Nano Soma articles at this link.
Lifelong Diabetic
I was experiencing a burning sensation in my left hand (paresthesia) along the index finger and knuckle. I started on NANO SOMA in mid-October, 2015. Within a few weeks, the trigger thumb had completely stopped!