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NANO SOMA Slows Aging

NANO SOMA Aids Telomere Regeneration

Each cell of your body contains chromosomes and DNA strands.

Your DNA is made up of two strands.  At the end of each strand is a Boot (Kind of like the plastic thing at the end of shoelaces). 

The boot keeps things in place.  DNA strands are constantly dying off, so new strands are constantly being created, causing a stress upon the other systems in the body. 

With each replication, the Boot gets shorter and shorter, until the DNA dies off.  NANO SOMA enters cells and reaches the DNA strands. 

The Policosanol Molecules react with the DNA Strands and instruct them to reset to their original programming.  Watch the video below for a better understanding of the role that telomeres play in the body and how they have an effect on the immune system.

NANO SOMA Repairs DNA - Podcast

Listen to the podcast below to understand how NANO SOMA can reduce the effects of aging


By using NANO SOMA, many of these aeging effects can be drastically reduced over time.  Listen to the below podcast to get a better understanding of how NANO SOMA can accelerate the regenerative process of cellular healing.



NANO SOMA Benefits

NANO SOMA has a range of health benefits. Many are quick to manifest, while others take time

External Benefits

NANO SOMA is Mostly Water

The main ingredient in NANO SOMA is water. in fact it's 98% water with a few trace elements added


Enriched With Trace Elements

Trace elements are added so that the combination can be easily absorbed by cells and taken where needed

Safe Dosage

Immune Support

When the immune system is given the right nutrients, it is capable of maintaining optimal health

Internal Benefits

How Is NANO SOMA Used?

Simply Spray It!

Because NANO SOMA consists mainly of water, with microscopic amounts of trace minerals, it’s completely safe for all ages, from newborns to the very elderly.

It would be virtually impossible to overdose on NANO SOMA.  If you have a Chronic, life threatening condition, we will need to consult with you and let you know what the best course of action is.

If you’ve got a few mild symptoms of dis-ease, you can start by spraying up to 10 times per day for the first month, then reduce the amount to 5 sprays in the second month.  See Usage Instructions

image of Namu Lake Tibet
Lamu Lake, Tibet : 5000 meters above sea level’

Learn More About The Raw Ingredients

We’ve written a few informative posts that will explain the ingredients in a little more detail

NANO SOMA consists mostly of water which is a vital component to carry the Policosanol into your bloodstream.  The most important element in the emulsion is the Policosanol. 

We created other posts, detailing how Policosanol is extracted from sugarcane and another one explains what Policosanol is.  We also have videos in our Video Hub for more educational content if you prefer watching video to reading text.

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