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I have been using Nano Soma daily since late 2019. As a 68 yo, I use it to maintain and even improve my overall health, based on the existing information and testimonials I read. I did have the beginnings of some varicose veins appearing on my right leg, both above and below the knee. They were causing me no pain, I had no plans to visit a vascular surgeon. I just forgot about them. A week ago, I thought I was seeing things. The protruding veins had gone. Just like magic.
John W
Hello Dr. Raghu,The supplement that you gave me was great. I very much appreciate you sharing it with me. I took it for 5 days and my blood pressure is more or less normal (113/82). Previously it was 130/91. Thanks a lot.
A benefit I've noticed from my daily Nano Soma sprays is that my rheumatoid and osteoarthritis related swelling and aches in my joints, especially my feet, hips, shoulders and hands, have eased
Amazing product,used it on cold sores and worked on removing a small mouth ulcer that the doctors said could only be removed by surgery. Absolutely love this product.
There is nothing we turn to more frequently in our house than the Nano Soma sprays. My kids request it by name. Our five-year-old had to have a tooth extracted, the dentist prescribed penicillin three weeks before the surgery because he said that it was only a matter of time before the pain became unbearable and infection settled in. We never touched the penicillin. She had no pain or infection because we sprayed daily on the tooth. After the surgery, she didn't want any drugs. I gave her some options and she requested the spray without even thinking about it. It took the pain right away. No side effects, no wait-and-see if it works. It took just hours for her gums to repair themselves. We love the sprays because they aren't something that's scary or frightening to kids, they're so easy to use and take anywhere, and they're natural and safe. My family gets immediate relief from whatever is bothering them.
July 27th 2018
I lost my sense of smell several years ago, and finally my sense of smell came back! Thank you for introducing me to Nano Soma
The Author of Pandemic Survivor, has been using Nano Soma for 7 years and has written over 30 articles, based on his experience. You can read his Nano Soma articles at this link.
Mark Pegram
I lost my sense of smell several years ago, and finally my sense of smell came back! Thank you for introducing me to Nano Soma
My 5 year old son has been suffering with some yet undiagnosed Auto-Immune issues. When he was in flare-up, he got a strange, bumpy rash, and also had trouble healing normal cuts and scrapes. The scrape was not healing (two weeks!) until I started using this. In the first few minutes it got pretty red, like there was increased circulation. He reported a little itching at this time. The next day, however, it has shrank, and the skin was clearly healing and much less irritated. We also used it on the strange bumpy rash. In this case, as well, the bumps were going nowhere. We tried magnesium spray, which helped a bit, but itched SO BAD that my son cried. When we instead, used the nano, though it is more pricey, the discomfort was gone and the rash flattened out within 4 days (it has been not going anywhere for months, at this point). There are still flat, white discolorations at the bump sites, but no more itching and the skin is completely healed! I will keep this in my cabinet always.
March 13th 2019
We've had (and continue to have) unreal results using the spray for: bee stings, deep cuts, insect bites, random rashes or allergic breakouts, burns, cold sores, and managing rosacea and eczema. We spray it as frequently as we need to, sometimes it's once at night on the face to wake up in the morning rosacea-free, or maybe 3-5 times a day for acute skin injuries (it all depends! I burned my thumb really badly on a lighter flame lighting some birthday candles, and I sprayed one time on the burn and the pain left and never came back. A BURN!). I've never had this much confidence in a product in my life and am a true believer in its power and abilities. I've turned on so many of my friends and family members to Nano Soma after hearing their stories of the things their family deals with, knowing without a doubt that it will help them. I can't recommend this formula enough. It is worth every penny.
July 2018